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April 29, 2009 at 3:51 pm 1 comment

What the hell was that??

Hanna Lulu’s blog started as a place for me to explore the Internet, myself, and the various ways they fit together.

I wanted to explore topics that I found intriguing, then use this blog as a place to organize and share my opinions about those topics.

My blog has multiple personalities..


I was extremely blunt and honest through-out many of my posts.  Most of the longer rants happen in the earlier weeks of blogging. Some of the more personal posts were my

Emotional Dilemma

Open Letter to God

The Skin Virus

Censorship is a Mother F*cker


Some of my posts consisted of me filtering through other sights that caught my eye of pertained to what I was thinking about that day. Some of my filter-style posts include

How Absurd

Crazy Crazy


Topics of this blog began with weird, unusual, strange and random. As the blog progressed, the topic shifted more towards humor, focusing especially on sarcasm and satyr.

Some posts are dedicated to being funny, with the goal of finding something to laugh about. My favorites include

Hurray for funny (part 1)

Hurray for funny (part 2)

March is stupid

What Else

About Page I left very basic. I felt this page would probably not be viewed too much anyway, but the small amount of text along with the image does give just enough about me and my personality for readers to get a sense of exactly who is behind this weird blog.

Ideas Page Was a place for readers to get a deeper sense of me and my writer goals. It also gave them a place to leave feedback for things they may want to see developed further. However, I was not very successful in getting feedback here as I had hoped.

Pop Tart Void Was originally a project that illustrated my quest for finding the best tasting replacement for Kellogg’s Pop Tarts. Along the way, I realized there is nothing that can replace a Pop Tart.

A total of 7067 people signed the petition to boycott kellogg’s. And as quoted by Sarah Willis, “Rules only last as long as the energy to enforce them.”

And while the world may have forgotten about the Michael Phelps Scandal and resumed their Kellogg’s consumption, I will personally continue to boycott Kellogg’s products until the company apologizes for being outright hypocritical.

As Of Today

I have made 53 posts

I have 112 comments, which include the comments I wrote back to visitors.

There have been a total of 8,179 views

440 of which were made yesterday, which happens to be my busiest day ever

The top viewed post on my blog is

All about the ladies-demotivationally speaking which has had 1075 total views

Future Goals

I plan to continue using this blog as an outlet for sharing the “writer” side of myself to my family and friends.

I have never had an intended audience, but if people can come to my sight and take away anything positive I would feel I had accomplished something.

If nothing else, this blog will be a place I return to whenever I need a reminder of how funny the world can be, and that we are never, ever alone in any battle.


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Real Quick Like.. I finally did it!!

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  • 1. braydog  |  May 4, 2009 at 3:56 am

    cant beleive that the end of the school year has come. hope you throw on a few posts over summer to keep me updated and laughing. I wish you the best of luck in all of your future endevours with your writing and other great uses of the special creativity which you posess. thanks Lulu Mae to the Bray, what more to say. I love you JoHanna.


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