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The Experience Thus Far

I had no idea what I was signing up for when I took this course…

But Maureen Gibbon was the professor so I knew it would be fun!

When I found out that we were responsible for selecting which submissions would be published in the women’s literary anthology, Dust And Fire, I was initially terrified.

 Behind every entry is a woman we don’t see, we don’t know, but they have put their emotions in to their words and sent them to us with the hope of being heard.

I believe rejection is the worst kind of pain, so I searched for gold in every submission. I found that regardless of the quality, every piece had at least one combination of words that would ring across my brain like ecstasy.

I am beyond happy to see how a literary publication is put together “behind the scenes.” I feel that I am now ready to submit my own work. Rejection isn’t final, it just means you need to work a little harder, force the words to do what they need to do.

I would want every person who submitted work to know how difficult it was to say no. I hope they will not take the rejection too personally, because there is treasure in the act of writing alone. Sharing your work with others is by far the bravest, most intimate thing a writer can do.


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