I have a lot of random ideas of different projects I can do for my weblogs & wikis class. I just want to bank them here for future reference, and hopefully to get some opinions on what people are interested in seeing…

Multiple Personalities:
Defining my many multiple personalities, with each one having lists of their unique characteristics, pictures of them at their finest, and possibly blog entries made from that characters’ perception.

Grandma Ada Talks:
Weekly interviews with my grandma Ada, stories would include details from living during the depression, watching the fast-paced technology changes from that mindset, and other comments about what people should know from a wise, venerable woman.

Morning Pages:
Compiling and organizing the crap that I scribble out every morning…would anyone want to read that?

Life Influence:
The most influential people in my life,
and the funny wisdoms that they’ve passed down.
(ex. my grandma Ada once told me
“If you can’t take a shower some where, you can do a P.T.A. bath..that means pits, tits, and ass!)

Different meanings given to each birthday, patterns and trends seen between pop culture and birthdays
(Ex. the rise in pregnancy rates after the release of
I’ll make love to you by Boys II Men.)

Weird Holidays:
A calendar compiling all of the weirdest holidays, including meanings, traditions, and origins of certain holidays.
(Ex. thank your socks days)

What makes a name? How are people with the same name alike?

With particular focus on swear words, insult words, words with negative connotations. Why do we keep allowing certain words to hold so much power?

Cultural Appreciation:
Rather than being colorblind to races, we should recognize how valuable every varying shade is to have in our collective gene pool. I would include pictures of people with all shades of colors, and arrange them with pictures of other items in the world that are the same color:


3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Karen  |  March 6, 2009 at 2:57 pm

    You are such a goof-ball!!!!
    But a thought provoking goof-ball.
    Love you

    • 2. originalhoopla  |  March 7, 2009 at 12:55 am

      Thanks Karen I love you too!
      and I’m always happy to provoke your thoughts, but only just a little because you eventually stop listening!

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    […] Ideas Page Was a place for readers to get a deeper sense of me and my writer goals. It also gave them a place to leave feedback for things they may want to see developed further. However, I was not very successful in getting feedback here as I had hoped. […]


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