The Introduction

Blog Post #1 for ENGL 4861

To be a writer you must be a reader.

I’ve lived in Bemidji, Minnesota my entire life.

I’ve been a passionate writer since first grade. My desire to tell stories, however, was apparent long before learning to spell.

Fiction is my favorite genre. I read to escape, explore, and learn:     these are the same reasons I write.

My forever favorite book is The Giver by Lois Lowry.

I’ve read it once a year since 1997, and I discover new details and meaning every time.

I also love The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran. His beautiful, powerful lessons are, in my opinion, often more meaningful than scriptures from The Bible.

 I find Kurt Vonnegut to be the most inspirational writer.

His brilliance and witty, dry humor remind me of my father. 3 years before his death in 2007, Vonnegut wrote A Man Without a Country, which is my favorite of the many incredible pieces he’s published.


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Hello Old Friend

It seems I always return to Hanna Lulu’s blog for one reason or another –

This semester I need a blog for assignments done in Maureen Gibbons ENGL 4861

School started WAY too soon this year. I just wanna stay home with my new puppy, Vienna. (She’s a brindle-colored Pitbull/Bullmastiff rescue dog*)

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>*Lady Gaga For President 2012*<

I have a ferocious world vision

A dream which I can only hope you will dream along with me.




Lady Gaga — the next American president

Gaga for 2012

She would promote peace, beauty, equality, individuality, creativity, freedom, and empowerment for every citizen.

Show your support by joining the Facebook group

>*Lady Gaga For President 2012*~

and spread the vision to everyone you know!!

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When I’m feeling really cranky…

…like I am right now because my wisdom teeth are making another push and my cheek is getting all sorts of sore…

I can make myself feel a little bit better by making fun of someone else!


This is for all the ladies who have been so bold and braless lately:

braless1Please be considerate of the children and short people who’s eyes you may be endangering with your sharp, pointed missiles.

Let’s go ahead and put the bras back on!


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You people


I’m about as white as they come so I’m not allowed to say nigger.

I am however, quite German so I am allowed to say nazi.

And on days when I feel extra fancy I can throw in “nazify” and “nazification”

Really? Seriously with this politically correct delegation of label usage?

YES – Because America lives on 3 daily servings of high nigga pie!


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HannaLulu Is Back! (kinda)

Weblogs & Wikis class was over in May, but I really enjoyed the time I spent putting together random and usually funny blog posts. I’m really hoping to get back to making regular posts here.

Don’t expect anything to make sense or you’re just wasting time. The main goal here is to make myself laugh – you wouldn’t understand, you had to be there.

fruite-stripe-gumI’d like to start by thanking my big sister. She brought me a pack of this classic Fruit Stripe gum, (zebra gum as we always called it) and it totally made my day!

Too bad they lose flavor so fast and I swallowed probably 9 pieces of gum yesterday…

On a sadder note, I’d like to take a moment of silence for the Bemidji mountain lion killed by a motorist…


May you rest in peace now Steve French, there are no cars in big kitty Heaven..just fields of kitty dope and buckets filled with turkey and garbage juice. ~amen~

Moment is over..

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Stay Wide Awake (boy you think you’re clever don’t ya, girl you think you’re so smart)

Dear Marshall,61gEwcrTf9L._SL160_

I’m totally in love with this song

Fuck I wish you could know just how much I hate it too. Here’s my best example:


So dark and so cold my friends don’t know this other side of me

There’s a monster inside of me it’s quite ugly and it frightens me

But they can’t see what I can see there’s a vacancy in my tummy

It’s makin’ me play hide n’ seek like Jason I’m so hungry
She’s naked see no privacy but I can see she wants me
So patient see I try to be but gee why does she taunt me
Pulls the drapes and she goes right to slee
And I creep right through the front see
So blatantly but silently cause I know that she’s sound asleep
Who’s wakin’ me so violently and why is he on top of me
He’s rapin’ me she try’s to scream somebody please get him off me
He’s tapin’ me he’s biting me he’s laughing likes it’s funny
She’s scrapin’ me she’s fightin’ me she’s scratching like some dumb freak


Starts out with completely soul numbingly truthful words and from there this girl is getting raped in her sleep?!

I guess that’s what reality is too – rape always happens when it’s least expected, right?

Well Congrats Marshall, you touched another person, you made another little girl cry. Way to kill the 2 birds with the one stone.


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