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Our Pointy Boots

THANK YOU Maureen Gibbon for giving me another amazing “war story”

Although, Our Pointy Boots by Brock Clarke was much more than a war story. It was written with layers of emotion and detail, with each page bringing the reader closer to the characters and their world.

I was reminded of The Things They Carried (O’brien) which I’ve also read in a course of yours.

Through all of recorded history, war has been an inevitable factor of life. Regardless of choice, we are all effected by war in more ways than can be known. I’m always grateful to get a glimpse of what military life is, because I look at veterans and they know and I know that they have seen and done things that I could never understand, they feel things that I am incapable of feeling, because the closest I’ve come to experiencing military life is sleeping in a tent, or maybe playing dodgeball in grade school.

We hear all through life that we can be and do anything we wish, the sky is the limit.

As children, we dream of the day we turn 18 and recieve the world. At first you are untouchable, dizzy with freedom, but soon you learn that responsibility and adult life is hard, but by then it’s too late.

We can’t go back to being 18, we can’t do what we did years prior and expect the same outcome, all we can do is live, and love, and cope with disappointment. The pointy boots in Clarke’s story represent the American dream, how great it is when we feel it for the first time, and how life continues after the best and the worst are over.


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>*Lady Gaga For President 2012*<

I have a ferocious world vision

A dream which I can only hope you will dream along with me.




Lady Gaga — the next American president

Gaga for 2012

She would promote peace, beauty, equality, individuality, creativity, freedom, and empowerment for every citizen.

Show your support by joining the Facebook group

>*Lady Gaga For President 2012*~

and spread the vision to everyone you know!!

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You people


I’m about as white as they come so I’m not allowed to say nigger.

I am however, quite German so I am allowed to say nazi.

And on days when I feel extra fancy I can throw in “nazify” and “nazification”

Really? Seriously with this politically correct delegation of label usage?

YES – Because America lives on 3 daily servings of high nigga pie!


September 24, 2009 at 2:15 pm 1 comment

This poor, neglected blog.

1163_imeng I am truly, truly sorry to my one blog fan. I know you check back here often and get pretty disappointed when I let ceramics over-run my life and I keep forgetting to put up more posts.d-welcome-to-america

Again – very, very sorry!

Now that it’s been so long, I really don’t know what I should write about..

But here are some of the plans for my blog’s future..

update my “About” page

update “Poptart Void” info

Finish my page of  “Proof God Exists.”

A round-up type summary of what I’ve discovered during the months of keeping this blog, and where I see it going in the future.

idiot-picture Also – if you have an extra five bucks laying around, I can hook you up with a free idiot test..

That might be fun!

And now in the style of original hoopla, I will post up a few more funny images that seemingly have nothing to do with the context of this blog post.

You’re welcome.




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Censorship is a MOTHERFUCKER



No. You censor your face!

No. You censor your face!

You are now entering a censorship-free zone. There will be nothing with-held for the sake of offending the gentle – virgin-eyed members of my stupid society.

Sorry if that hurts your feelings…

but not really

I also should warn you that extreme sarcasm will be used in all cases, but in times calling for drastic measures, my sarcasm will be layered between sloppy, ugly, painful examples of how cruel the world really is, no matter what body you woke up in this morning.

And in the name of fueling the flame I will also use words that are not pleasant to read or see or hear or say..this is because motherfucking shitty bastard whore swear words and douche-nozzle nigger bitch racist, sexist, belittling words will never lose their power if we don’t TAKE IT AWAY FROM THEM…that’s the cracker ass-hole cunt prick bottom line.

Release lady liberty from bondage

Release lady liberty from bondage

April 2, 2009 at 3:06 pm 12 comments

Just For Funsies

I haven’t posted for a while..SORRY! 

Life has been hectic and crazy and drama, drama, drama….

So what’s new…?

There are currently 6675 signatures on the petition to boycott Kellogg’s. Seems like this may be losing fuel and it bums me out. People are already forgetting why Kellogg’s is being boycotted in the first place..let me remind you –


What else…I have to draw a cartoon for my lit. for young adults class. Maureen says it should be a moment that had a significant impact on our lives. All I have so far is when I found out my friend had been murdered on the morning of April 1st, and for a moment I believed it was a cruel April Fool’s joke, only to find out it wasn’t…

But that’s pretty freakin depressing so..I’m still looking for more inspiration. 

Any good ideas…?

Also, tried the Wake-back-to-bed method a few times (inducing lucid dreams)

1st. attempt – Couldn’t fall back to sleep 

2nd attempt – Couldn’t force myself to stay awake

3rd attempt – Couldn’t force myself to get out of bed when the alarm when off

I’ll probably try this again when I gather a little more faith in the process..right now it just seems like a really good way to throw your whole sleep pattern out of whack.

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Propaganda, propaganda, propaganda, everywhere!

Rockin every where, rockin everywhere ….(sorry I got goin my own little brain tangent for a sec..)

I have been battling the odds against getting this crud plague that is so quickly taking down my entire family and group of friends..I don’t know how eatting a lot of oranges and telling myself “I’m not getting sick, I’m not getting sick” was going to work when everyone I came in contact with was cursing “so-and-so who got them sick.” CURSE YOU ALL!!

*sneeze* … *blow nose*

BUT I won’t let my loyal fans down, don’t worry..amidst all my feeling like a crapper ball I still went web surfing to find out a little history on Marijuana Propaganda. I found a lot of facts and well-written articles – many that suggest Marijuana was only made illegal once the petroleum companies realized how much competition the marijuana plant would give them.

…If you don’t know about the possibilities of marijuana plants and Industrial uses, as well as the latest scientific medical research regarding cannabinoids, I would suggest you go educate yourself!

NORML is one really, really great place to find all the facts you should be familiar with…and I’m sure I’ll find myself exploring those facts a little further, for today I want to share with you some of the propaganda pictures I found through-out the internet

(click thumbnails to enlarge image)

Sure they’re absurd and funny, but when you see them in a collective group like this it’s not only sad, but really disappointing as well. This was how America got tricked into religiously repeating “Pot is bad. Pot is bad.” like brainwashed idiots pre-programmed robots.

Shouldn’t we be able to make a few of our own decisions besides the color of our toothbrushes and the brand of toothpaste we put on it??

February 9, 2009 at 7:19 pm 1 comment

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