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The Introduction

Blog Post #1 for ENGL 4861

To be a writer you must be a reader.

I’ve lived in Bemidji, Minnesota my entire life.

I’ve been a passionate writer since first grade. My desire to tell stories, however, was apparent long before learning to spell.

Fiction is my favorite genre. I read to escape, explore, and learn:     these are the same reasons I write.

My forever favorite book is The Giver by Lois Lowry.

I’ve read it once a year since 1997, and I discover new details and meaning every time.

I also love The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran. His beautiful, powerful lessons are, in my opinion, often more meaningful than scriptures from The Bible.

 I find Kurt Vonnegut to be the most inspirational writer.

His brilliance and witty, dry humor remind me of my father. 3 years before his death in 2007, Vonnegut wrote A Man Without a Country, which is my favorite of the many incredible pieces he’s published.


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Hello Old Friend

It seems I always return to Hanna Lulu’s blog for one reason or another –

This semester I need a blog for assignments done in Maureen Gibbons ENGL 4861

School started WAY too soon this year. I just wanna stay home with my new puppy, Vienna. (She’s a brindle-colored Pitbull/Bullmastiff rescue dog*)

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