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Time To Move

This blog of mine – what a mess! I’m still trying to recover from what I learned here

like how more people reached my blog by spelling masturbation wrong (masterbation)

Or how many people are searching for “funny boobs” in the middle of the day…..

But our past doesn’t just get deleted and go away forever. That’s why I haven’t erased this ugly scar from the internet, I may not be proud of these posts, but I did create them.

And as warriors wear their battle-scars with pride, this blog will be here, a reminder of where I came from and how I got here.

However, we all need a fresh start sometimes, and that’s why I’ve moved.

Hanna Lulu’s Other Blog is my new domain … new posts are probably not as scandalous and controversial, because I’m writing about whatever I want to write about, not catering to the “funny-boob-masterbaters”


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The Introduction

Blog Post #1 for ENGL 4861

To be a writer you must be a reader.

I’ve lived in Bemidji, Minnesota my entire life.

I’ve been a passionate writer since first grade. My desire to tell stories, however, was apparent long before learning to spell.

Fiction is my favorite genre. I read to escape, explore, and learn:     these are the same reasons I write.

My forever favorite book is The Giver by Lois Lowry.

I’ve read it once a year since 1997, and I discover new details and meaning every time.

I also love The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran. His beautiful, powerful lessons are, in my opinion, often more meaningful than scriptures from The Bible.

 I find Kurt Vonnegut to be the most inspirational writer.

His brilliance and witty, dry humor remind me of my father. 3 years before his death in 2007, Vonnegut wrote A Man Without a Country, which is my favorite of the many incredible pieces he’s published.

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