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The End of The Semester!

I’m totally freaking out latelypanic_attack

I’m soo far behind in all of my classes.

To make things worse, I have pretty much 3 days to finish all my wet clay projects..I feel like there’s still SO much stuff I want to make.

But coulda – would, right?

Anyway, I did find a pretty great stress-reducing method, I’ll go ahead and post-it up for everyone else.




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Mid April Round-up

ist2_1974194-woman-s-crazy-brainMy Brain

There’s just so much more I want to share, but time is a factor as the semester winds down and I’m realizing I’m behind in all 4 of my classes…oops!

About 2 weeks left of this semester.  Then, I will no longer be “obligated” to maintain this blog.

I do still plan to put-up posts now and again, but it won’t be nearly as frequent.

Current Blog Stats

Thank you WordPress for keeping track of how my blog is doing. Here are the most current facts I could find about this 4 month-old blog dedicated to semi-organized chaos.

Total Views:   4608

Average Daily Visits:   57

Busiest Day:   4/9/2009 – 293 visits

Total Posts:   48

Top Post: All About The Ladies – demotivationally speaking ( 3/28/09 – 454 views)

Comments:   88

Most Searched Tag Word:   Demotivational posters


I’d just like to say thank you to my one fan.

And thank you to anyone else who has happened to stumble upon this blog and raise my stat numbers which makes me feel cool and popular … Yay me!

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