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More Than I Can Chew Today

Last weekend I had a few minutes to read through one of my mom’s new books:
The Artist’s Way at Work: Riding the Dragon

I took away two things from what I’ve read so far.

1. Write 3 pages about whatever you want as soon as you wake up every morning. These are called morning pages.

2. Name the 5 alter-egos that are within your persona and list the characteristics that you associate with them.
(For example some one might say one of the characters that make up my persona is Liza Simoli. She is the introverted computer geek who never wants to leave the house or take a shower.)

So I’ve been doing the morning pages everyday, and it’s going well. Until today when I thought I would use the time to name the 5 characters inside me. It was easy at first, but now I’m thinking there are more than 5…
is it possible that one of my alter ego’s has a severe case of dissociative identity disorder?
(formerly known as multiple personality disorder)

anyway, I’m still gonna try but I may have to allow for limitless characters.


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Sundays With Ada

Remember Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom??

My sister (April) and I have been doing a similar thing. Spending Sunday afternoon with our Grandma Ada, doing our best to chronicle the many amazing stories that have unfolded through-out her 80 years.

My favorite story so far comes from her childhood, during the depression. Her mother (Viva) was real shy, but she had to go down to the social services building to interview, and apply for assistance.

Viva said to the social worker:
“I don’t have enough money to make baking soda biscuits to feed my babies.”

The social worker was so moved that she told Viva “I’m supposed to go out to your house now, and evaluate how much you really do need these services. But I can tell that you are being honest, and I’m going to just go ahead and trust you with a food order.”

Viva was given a food order which allowed her to go to the grocery shop and get food without cash.

When Viva got home, she had purchased a brick of cheese, and my grandma Ada (very young at the time) felt so over-joyed at the sight of the cheese.

It’s these simple things we take so very much for granted.

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