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Just For Funsies

I haven’t posted for a while..SORRY! 

Life has been hectic and crazy and drama, drama, drama….

So what’s new…?

There are currently 6675 signatures on the petition to boycott Kellogg’s. Seems like this may be losing fuel and it bums me out. People are already forgetting why Kellogg’s is being boycotted in the first place..let me remind you –


What else…I have to draw a cartoon for my lit. for young adults class. Maureen says it should be a moment that had a significant impact on our lives. All I have so far is when I found out my friend had been murdered on the morning of April 1st, and for a moment I believed it was a cruel April Fool’s joke, only to find out it wasn’t…

But that’s pretty freakin depressing so..I’m still looking for more inspiration. 

Any good ideas…?

Also, tried the Wake-back-to-bed method a few times (inducing lucid dreams)

1st. attempt – Couldn’t fall back to sleep 

2nd attempt – Couldn’t force myself to stay awake

3rd attempt – Couldn’t force myself to get out of bed when the alarm when off

I’ll probably try this again when I gather a little more faith in the process..right now it just seems like a really good way to throw your whole sleep pattern out of whack.


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Back to Dreaming…

I’ve been having some pretty yucky dreams lately..talking to everyone around me it seems like it must be the moon because they’re all having bad dreams as well…

I checked out a little bit more about lucid dreaming – this stuff is so interesting to me! And I was just reading about a new technique of getting your dream self to become aware.

“The Wake Back To Bed Method”

“STEP ONE – Go to bed as normal and allow yourself to sleep for six hours. Set your alarm clock or have another early riser wake you up.

STEP TWO – After six hours, get out of bed and fully wake yourself up. Find something to occupy your brain to make you alert. Read about lucid dreaming if you want to stay focused on the subject. Stay alert for 20-60 minutes. (Hint: you must get out of bed!)

STEP THREE – Go back to bed and relax. If your mind is too alert, practice meditation, listen to a Lucid Dreaming MP3 or do the MILD method. Use your visualization skills and think about your next lucid dream as you fall asleep.”

I am definitely going to try this!

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