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Bad bad beer!!

Beer was my gateway drug! I totally figured it out today…

I was allowed, on more than one occasion, to taste a sip of beer before the age of 21.

From there, it all snowballed until it was almost out of control.

Before long, those sips turned into swigs (a swig is approx. 5 times the size of a sip)

and then there was wine…and many flavors of wine coolers!!

But when that wasn’t enough anymore, I had to move on to the really hardcore stuff, and I tried

– schnapps

– rum

– brandy

– whiskey (Canadian AND Irish…)

– I dabbled in tequila a bit

– and in gin as well

– but my drug of voice was vodka

– and when I drank vodka, it only made me want more vodka, and also to smoke cigarettes..

– and when you are drunk off vodka and wish you had a cigarette you are likely to smoke pretty much anything some one hands you…

– and had I never tasted beer before turning 21, I’m almost certain I never would have smoked weed…


Whoa, these ladies look really pissed…..

They should have smoked their spliffies BEFORE they took the picture!!!


February 10, 2009 at 4:52 pm 3 comments

Propaganda, propaganda, propaganda, everywhere!

Rockin every where, rockin everywhere ….(sorry I got goin my own little brain tangent for a sec..)

I have been battling the odds against getting this crud plague that is so quickly taking down my entire family and group of friends..I don’t know how eatting a lot of oranges and telling myself “I’m not getting sick, I’m not getting sick” was going to work when everyone I came in contact with was cursing “so-and-so who got them sick.” CURSE YOU ALL!!

*sneeze* … *blow nose*

BUT I won’t let my loyal fans down, don’t worry..amidst all my feeling like a crapper ball I still went web surfing to find out a little history on Marijuana Propaganda. I found a lot of facts and well-written articles – many that suggest Marijuana was only made illegal once the petroleum companies realized how much competition the marijuana plant would give them.

…If you don’t know about the possibilities of marijuana plants and Industrial uses, as well as the latest scientific medical research regarding cannabinoids, I would suggest you go educate yourself!

NORML is one really, really great place to find all the facts you should be familiar with…and I’m sure I’ll find myself exploring those facts a little further, for today I want to share with you some of the propaganda pictures I found through-out the internet

(click thumbnails to enlarge image)

Sure they’re absurd and funny, but when you see them in a collective group like this it’s not only sad, but really disappointing as well. This was how America got tricked into religiously repeating “Pot is bad. Pot is bad.” like brainwashed idiots pre-programmed robots.

Shouldn’t we be able to make a few of our own decisions besides the color of our toothbrushes and the brand of toothpaste we put on it??

February 9, 2009 at 7:19 pm 1 comment

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