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Toaster Pastries – Pop Tart’s less popular cousins

I have eaten the last of my “pre-Kellogg’s boycott purchased” Pop Tarts.

It wasn’t so scary. But now there’s a void, and I’m ready to find the toaster pastry that is delicious enough to fill the void.

Starting today with “Our Family” brand toaster pastries, in Cherry flavor because my grocery store did not have Raspberry.


They look like regular    Pop Tarts, just a little  thinner frosting.

Don’t let it fool you!

I’m pretty sure they are using cherry couch syrup as the base for their filling.

I am also getting a cold so this review could be completely worthless, but I’ll recant the experience for you anyway:

1. I opened the package and instantly noticed how strongly they smelled of cherry.

2. I cooked them in my toaster at my regular Pop Tart setting

3. I smeared a 1/4 teaspoon of butter on the unfrosted sides; let cool a bit

4. Took one bite and thought it was sweet but bland, took two bites and started to notice a little more cherry, took three bites and got punched in the face by undiluted fake cherry flavor so hard that I am now almost puking in my mouth while trying to write about it.

5. The remaining 1.5 of the initial 2 toaster pastries is going to go in the garbage and I am going to try and repress this memory!

To be fair..

I’ll keep the box, and I’ll try these again when my cold is gone.

No I really don’t want to, but in the name of “Jill Walker Rettberg and blogging as an authentic form of journalism” I will do it!!


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Kelloggs Boycott Update

Wow, America you sure can be lovely.

turns out there are already thousands of people boycotting Kelloggs products because of their anger in how they handled the Michael Phelps scandal.

Lew Rockwell says we need to take it a step further, and contact the CMO of Kellogg’s directly to state our opinions. So here’s the contact info:

Mark Baynes
Chief Marketing Officer


Kellogg Company
1 Kellogg Sq
Battle Creek, MI 49016-3599

There is an online petition dedicated to boycotting Kelloggs as well, I just signed and I was number 520.

Sign the petition

you can also join the Facebook group

“Boycott Kelloggs for dumping Michael Phelps”

My only issue with having now signed is that I bought poptarts last week, I don’t want to just throw them away – but wouldn’t it be hypocritical to eat them now??

February 6, 2009 at 7:58 pm 3 comments

Poor poor poptarts.

After polishing-off the last two raspberry poptarts in my cupboard tonight I got to wondering how the endless battle of poptarts vs. toasters strudel has been developing..

Last I checked the commercials were still the same:
The poor deprived kid with the deadbeat mother was secretly getting magnificent, delicious toaster strudels from another kid at school who had a really hip, awesome mom.

But it’s been a few years..

So after some extensive reseach
(2 google searches and 5 minutes of reading)
My professional opinion of the general public is this:

People like poptarts. But once they go strudel, there’s no turnin back.

Not me.

I agree that toasters strudels are better than poptarts, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a sweet, simple poptart
Don’t think of it as lame..
you should instead think of it as …humble?

p.s. you are supposed to butter the unfrosted side of poptarts, just like toast – it makes a world of difference!

What would happen if a poptart and a toaster strudel had a baby together??

January 30, 2009 at 6:10 am 6 comments

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