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Undying Flowers

Ordering flowers online..

Why not order flowers that are maintenance-free and will live forever?!

Check-out my ceramic Forever Flowers on etsy

Creamy Lavender Forever Flower

Creamy Lavender Forever Flower

Mysterious Black Forever Flower

Mysterious Black Forever Flower

Creamy Oribe Forever Flower

Creamy Oribe Forever Flower

Set Of 2 Rustic Forever Flowers

Set Of 2 Rustic Forever Flowers


May 31, 2009 at 2:31 pm 3 comments

Yay Me

I hate March.

No, I loathe March. That’s more accurate.

The weather was pretty lamb-like around here, but the mood was definitely lioness.

A fair guess is that March will be crappy all month through and continue to be crappy up until the very last minute of March 31st, 11:59 pm.

So something a little more uplifting, I’m pretty proud of the piece I’m making in my ceramics class. It’s a funky pot I’ve built with textured slabs and coils.

Here’s where I was at yesterday..


I'm thinking it should be soda fired to show the texture


Now I need to make some funky, matching lid...and possibley I'll put some feet on it as well.

It’s 17 inches tall at this point

March 2, 2009 at 12:07 am 7 comments

I know, I know it’s been so long!

Ok so, not really that long but it feels like it…

(and Tinga totally approves!)

(and Tinga totally approves!)

I was given a really awesome super special gift this weekend

It’s a collaboration piece made by Nathan Bray and Cody Bartz.

I need to do a little more research,I’m not exactly sure who did what..



Here’s where they both signed the bottom, so I’ll have proof it’s authentic when they both get really famous.

You can see the awesome flashing effects the soda kiln left on the clay body –

I love the soda kiln!

And I managed to get this amazing gift because I am just that cool…

It looks so intentional!

It looks so intentional!

..also because one of the handles cracked.

But it looks really fitting with the crazy faceting through-out the whole piece.

I’m excited because I have a great use for it.

Last summer I bought this house plant from home depot – I’m not sure what kind of plant it is

anyway, the thing was thriving all summer and fall, but as soon as winter came and it was getting no sun the poor thing just started to die a little more every day. More and more leaves kept falling off of it.

I think I gave it too much water, and it was in a vase that didn’t have holes in the bottom.

By December there was just one stalk left, with 2 leaves. When those last 2 leaves fell off, I finally set-up a heat lamp for it.

But I came home one day and one of my cats had bitten in to the stalk, and it was almost completely snapped in half, except for a thin strand of fibers that were still hanging on.


I grabbed a pencil and some tape and bandaged the near dead plant back together.

Since then I’ve been saying hello the plant every day and give it encouragement to keep growing. I know it sounds like crazy-lady stuff but here’s proof that talking to your plants actually works!

Slowly but surely more and more leaves have sprouted out, and new blossom formations are getting ready to sprout open.

I carefully transplanted it from this green vase and put it in a big plastic cup with holes on the bottom.

I also gave it sugar water to jump start growth (hopefully)

the plan is to let it get stronger in it’s new, nutrient-rich soil, transplant it once more into a larger rectangular pot, then put that inside my awesome Bray/Bartz pot.

The whole thing will be a symbol of what can be accomplished when you have a little faith in something.

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