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Happy Corporate Scandal Day!!

I really don’t care for Valentine’s day. Sure, let’s celebrate love, friendship, and romance. I am all for it.

I just don’t care for how the whole holiday revolves around media making everyone feel like crap if they don’t have some one to spend the day with, or if they don’t have enough money to buy extravagant gifts.

So I say, take the money you would have spent on teddy bears and dying flowers and use it on something you actually need – or give it to some one else who really needs it – I think there are already enough teddy bears in this world …to the point where it’s kinda a little creepy.

Anyway, I found this cute old Valentine and it made me laugh – read it out loud with your very best twangy Southern accent!


Aww shucks!


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Bad bad beer!!

Beer was my gateway drug! I totally figured it out today…

I was allowed, on more than one occasion, to taste a sip of beer before the age of 21.

From there, it all snowballed until it was almost out of control.

Before long, those sips turned into swigs (a swig is approx. 5 times the size of a sip)

and then there was wine…and many flavors of wine coolers!!

But when that wasn’t enough anymore, I had to move on to the really hardcore stuff, and I tried

– schnapps

– rum

– brandy

– whiskey (Canadian AND Irish…)

– I dabbled in tequila a bit

– and in gin as well

– but my drug of voice was vodka

– and when I drank vodka, it only made me want more vodka, and also to smoke cigarettes..

– and when you are drunk off vodka and wish you had a cigarette you are likely to smoke pretty much anything some one hands you…

– and had I never tasted beer before turning 21, I’m almost certain I never would have smoked weed…


Whoa, these ladies look really pissed…..

They should have smoked their spliffies BEFORE they took the picture!!!

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Bye-bye pop tarts; my real letter to Kellogg’s

As I mentioned before, boycotting Kellogg’s products is just a start. To get to the root of the problem, you need to talk directly to “the big guy.”

So I did. I emailed Mark Baynes today and thought I would share that email with the world as well..

Dear Mark Baynes,

I am one of thousands of angered Americans who have boycotted all Kellogg’s products after the recent decision to drop sponsorship of Michael Phelps.

You may think this will pass. People will protest anything thing and everything, right? This is about a bunch of stoners being pissed that you don’t support the right to be high, right?

No, this is something that is much bigger than angry, pot-headed bloggers uniting to complain about something new.

This is more than Michael Phelps and his gold medals and his obligation to be a great American role model.

It is about how poorly your company has handled the entire situation, and how hypocritical it feels to your consumers. For if there were no consumers, there would be no Kellogg’s company. Bottom line.

This was YOUR opportunity to be role models. You sponsored this man, said you would back him because it was your PRIVILEGE to have him grace your cereal boxes.
You had no problem being associated with him when he was winning gold medals, but as soon as he did something that was “controversial” you dropped him. Why? Because he admitted to behaving in a manner that was not becoming of an Olympic Gold Medalist? Because he apologized to fans who had been hurt by his actions? Isn’t that what a role model is supposed to do? We are all human, and it is in our nature to sin, to make mistakes, to question authorities, to try new things. All we can ask is that some one be honest, and try to do better when they know they’ve messed up.

You didn’t bother to give Michael Phelps a second chance. No, he doesn’t need your money. He certainly doesn’t need the Kellogg’s name backing him for all of America to know he is great. He’s already proven his talents again and again. We are in no place to judge his actions. None of us could ever comprehend the pressures he must face daily.

But Kellogg’s,  you really let your consumers down. Even if you take it all back and decide to renew his contract, it’s too late. We will forever see you as that small-minded company that didn’t even stop to take their consumers into consideration before making a giant decision that will forever change lives.

America is growing up, and we’re leaving small-minded people behind. Bye-bye pop tarts. You had a good run, but your glory days are over.


JoHanna Windecker

~What is this girl’s obsession with pop tarts?! I’m sorry but they are just really, really delicious…

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